When do you prefer to delegate your responsibilities? When you can rely on work being done in your interest? Most likely so. Because I worked as a manager myself for a long time, I know just how important it is that everyone on the team is loyal and dedicated to achieving a single goal. Which is why the way I work will always be focussed on one goal: your success.

… and consider myself a part of your company and team for the duration of the project. I take over the leadership and management of your projects, delivering viable and creative marketing solutions with real commitment and sensitivity. I’ll keep you continuously updated with the status of the project. We will regularly discuss and agree on essential decisions and the way forward.

I’ll think and work on your project as if it were my own business. Because my experience as a manager has taught me that you bear responsibility for decisions taken on the basis of my expertise. At the end of the day, that’s what we are all measured by: how successfully our work takes us to our goal.

Successul cooperation requires trust and respect. Acting in partnership and according to the principle of equality are fundamental components of my attitude to work.

If you have to use external support, you often simply don’t have any time to waste. At the end of the day, the project doesn’t just need to be cost-effective. It will often also have to be tackled at relatively short notice. With Marketing Matters you can act flexibly. My experience means that I can organise all the relevant information quickly, and relieve you quickly and perceptibly as a result.

Business and trade secrets entrusted to me are treated strictly confidential.

My ‘between-projects’ customer service:

I’m also available to help my customers with any smaller questions that may arise between official projects. Free of charge, of course.