You get an additional, unbiased view from the outside.

I bring in profound, international marketing know-how as well as best practise from Top FMCG companies

I analyse your current situation and develop a concrete action plan. My ideas and proposals are always tailored to your company and your needs.

I am at your service as strategic sparring partner, and I am also happy to support you and your team in the implementation phase.

Being a cost-optimized, time-flexible alternative to hiring a new, permanently employed team member, my supports prevents or removes bottlenecks as well as cost in case of sick leave and holidays. You do not enter any new labour law obligation such as severance pay.

I am flexible and available on short notice. I can take the pressure off you and your employees on urgent projects and vacancies, from the moment you pick up the phone.

With the support of Marketing Matters you are able to implement your planned projects and achieve your targets, despite scarce internal resources.

By employing first-class strategic know-how combined with the necessary amount of sensitivity, I create enthusiasm and conviction for work on the project and thereby pave the way to your success.

I guarantee absolute confidentiality at all times.

I’m also available to help you and your team with any smaller questions that may arise between official projects. Free of charge, of course.