Want to find the best people for your marketing team, but can’t rely on the support of a personnel department or a head-hunter?

If so, then delegate the time-consuming preselection process needed to strengthen your team to Marketing Matters. To free you up to invest more time in other, equally important, tasks.

In my function as a marketing director, I have personally interviewed numerous candidates and built up successful teams. So I can view the question of exactly which candidate is right for you as if I were looking through your eyes. Thanks to specialist training, I’ve learnt how to carry out expedient candidate interviews. In addition to this, I’ll prepare a case study of your company. This will enable you to see first-hand how a candidate stands the test in practice. This preparatory work will make your decision over personnel recruitment – one of the most important tasks of any manager – easier, more efficient and more effective.

If a personnel decision turns out to be the wrong one, it doesn’t just cost time. It also becomes expensive at a human and a financial level. With Marketing Matters Recruitment Support, you can save yourself valuable time, because your marketing team can get back to working at full strength. That means projects get implemented fast, and you’ll meet your deadlines and planned turnover targets.

Marketing Matters does not offer direct search. However, If I happen to know a candidate who I think would fit in perfectly with your needs, then I’ll always be happy to put you in contact with that person or make a recommendation.

…and can be fine-tuned to suit your requirements. Marketing Matters Recruitment Support provides you with a time- and cost-efficient, professional recommendation of which candidates will suit your requirements and fit in as that new face on your team. Leaving you free to deal with other core entrepreneurial tasks.

Standard Recruitment Support Package:
  • Screening of written applications
  • Management of first-round interviews
  • Recommendation of 3- 5 candidates to be interviewed at your company
  • Preparation of a case study as Assessment Centre for presentation at your company
  • Presence at case study presentation and consultation on the decision
  • Subsequent recommendation of favourite candidate
  • Writing of job ad on request


  • The modules can also be chosen individually and combined variably. Contact me for a non-binding initial talk.