How can you achieve top-line growth without increasing your prices? How can a brand be positioned so that it creates clear differentiation from the competition? How do you assert yourself successfully against competitive pressure from private labels or other brands?

Take advantage of my extensive international marketing expertise, so we can work together to find a strategy whose differentiation from the competition is crystal-clear, producing real growth.

Thanks to my years of working for three top FMCG companies, I’ll bring marketing knowledge and a wide range of best practice examples to your company. This know-how will help create clarity regarding central strategic questions. What strategies have proven to be successful? And what mistakes have others made – so you don’t have to make them again? This allows you to reach a secure decision on optimising the chances of success.

A good strategy is an analytical process, which is also about asking the right questions. I attach a great deal of importance to doing this, from the point of defining the starting-out situation onwards, after which we can work together to define the objective. With the necessary persistence, I systematically go into detail and scrutinise existing doctrines at the company and in the industry, in an effort to define the right strategy. My recommendations are analytically sound, and focussed on securing your results over the long term.

Acting in partnership and on an equal footing, I work out detailed analyses and individual strategies in agreement with you and your team. By employing first-class strategic know-how combined with the necessary amount of sensitivity, I create enthusiasm and conviction for work on the project. In that way, I can also lead intercultural projects to long-term success.

Examples of typical strategic projects:
  • New, external perspectives
  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Strategy workshops
  • Brand positioning
  • 360° marketing plans
  • Best-practice development
  • Efficiency check of marketing measures
  • Conception and handling of diverse strategic projects – depending on your need