Do you want to teach your employees top marketing know-how and best practice, but are unable to use in-house training academies? And do you get the impression that theoretical know-how is not easy to transfer to practice – which is the whole point of the exercise?

Marketing Matters offers practically-oriented marketing training courses on all key themes at the highest level. Well-trained employees will translate that newly-acquired know-how into better marketing measures, significantly increasing the opportunities for success in hard numbers.

As a marketing director with many years’ experience, I have not just learnt first-class marketing know-how in theory from top international FMCG companies (Unilever, Danone and Iglo). I’ve also been able to successfully apply that know-how in practice. I have moved through all positions in marketing during my long-standing career, learning and then using the full spectrum of marketing skills along the way, from product development through to communications development. Knowing what works, and why it does, is a valuable experience I am now happy to share with your employees.

I had the chance to put the finishing touches to my training skills by attending a ‘Train The Trainer’ course. As a result, I can now teach specialist content using sustained and effective methods. Your employees will be given the chance to try out the skills they have learnt in practice in one-to-one and group work. Applying the necessary sensitivity at all times, I will help them as they continue developing and honing these new strengths. Accompanying marketeers as they exhaust their talents and deepen their specialist know-how has been one of my most rewarding and important responsibilities as a manager in marketing.

It’s not just how much you learn on a training course that’s really decisive. More important still is how easy it is for you start applying that knowledge in your everyday working life. With the Marketing Matters Practical Tools I have developed, I will make absolutely sure your employees are able to use the content they have been taught quickly and easily when they return to work. I use up-to-the-minute case studies you won’t find in any text book to ensure the courses aren’t just practically relevant, but also stay fresh, interesting and varied. All of which means your company will start benefiting from that new know-how quickly.

For more specialised themes, I bring external specialists on board who can add to and deepen the content of the course. Examples of this include my “Sales Insights for Marketeers” course, which I teach together with a highly-experienced Sales Manager. There’s another variant on this tandem system. I also teach training courses together with experts from inside your company – a lawyer, perhaps, a packaging designer or an in-house graphic designer.

You can choose from a wide range of training modules, covering the full spectrum of marketing, from product development to questions such as what criteria a successful TV ad should meet. All these modules are flexible, so they can be extended and combined to meet your needs. I can also fine-tune all the courses with the special processes and tools of your company in mind, such as briefing forms, checklists, launch processes and more. Alternatively, I can also develop an individual training for your desired topic, tailored entirely to your wishes and needs.


Please just ask for my training catalogue at any time. Link to Contact form.

The marketing training offer:
  • Training Catalogue: Marketing
    Detailed information on all trainings, offered as a standard module. Eight different trainings, ranging from brand positioning and innovation to the development of successful communication.
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  • Individual training for your desired topic
    I can also develop an individual training for your desired topic, tailored entirely to your wishes and needs.
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  • NEW: Training “Sales Insights for Marketers”
    All marketers need to know about sales and trade partners to successfully support the implementation of their marketing activities in the trade. In cooperation with an experienced sales director.
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  • NEW: Marketing Matters – Consumer Promotion Toolbox.
    A field-tested consumer promotion guidebook for Junior and Senior Brand Managers. Also offered as a training.
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