Have you got lots of important agendas, but not quite enough employees? But you’ve still got to achieve those scheduled targets?

Then I am here to support you. I take responsibility for handling your projects, and support you with my top marketing know-how in a cost-effective, flexible way. This frees you up to react quickly, even where resources are tight, and stay on course for success in your planning.

Thanks to my many years of international work at brand item companies such as Unilever, Danone and Iglo, up to the level of Marketing Director, I offer the full range of marketing know-how.

That makes me a cost-optimised, time-flexible alternative to an additional marketing head-count. I’ll take responsibility for handling your projects, from product to communications development. Both in Austria and internationally. So you get valuable external know-how which will help you achieve your scheduled targets despite tight resources.

Working with Marketing Matters allows you to react quickly and flexibly to defined corporate situations. I’ll take the pressure off you and your employees on urgent projects and vacancies, from the moment you pick up the phone.

I take over the leadership and management of your projects, delivering viable and creative marketing solutions with real commitment and sensitivity. I’ll keep you continuously updated with the status of the project. In regular meetings or telephone calls, we can agree on essential decisions, and discuss how we and the project should best be proceeding.

I’ll personally back every project you entrust to me. Because my experience as a manager has taught me that you bear responsibility for decisions taken on the basis of my expertise.

All my actions and clear recommendations are focussed on YOUR success. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we are all measured by: how successfully our work takes us to our goal.

Examples of typical outsourcing projects:
  • Market and portfolio analyses
  • Concept development
  • Launch evaluations
  • Handling of market research projects
  • Development of agency briefings
  • Conception and accompaniment of various other projects – depending on your need