Strategy consulting

Mag. Ulf Schöttl, Marketingleiter, Josef Manner & Comp. AG

Marketing Matters worked with us to develop a new structure for the collaboration between brand management and export marketing, as well as holding a one-day team workshop on the same subject.

With the help of her profound international marketing experience, Ms. Raaphorst gave us best-practice examples for the cross-border collaboration, and highlighted new opportunities. She offered clear recommendations and practical solutions to orient the new structure to our own, highly specific needs. She quickly gained the trust and respect of the team with her consistency and high level of sensitivity, understood new themes as they were emerging, and integrated these into the proposal.

We are already now seeing the first signs of success of the new structure. Ms Raaphorst is a welcome and highly-respected marketing expert at our organisation. We are happy to recommend her to others, and will quite certainly be collaborating with her again in future.


Mag. Ulf Schöttl, Marketingleiter, Josef Manner & Comp. AG

We entrusted Marketing Matters with the development of new templates for our annual brand plans. Ms. Raaphorst prepared these templates flexibly to ensure they meet our needs. The Brand Plan Templates are now structured in such a way that they are simple, clear and easy-to-understand, with a continuous strategic theme.She provided the templates with clear explanations of how to fill them, as well as illustrated them with filled-out sample charts. Additional practical examples provided the team with inspiration for future marketing plans.

Ms. Raaphorst is a highly-experienced marketing expert with a sound knowledge of FMCG. We have been extremely happy with the results of our work together, and particularly value the professional and dedicated collaboration with her.


Dr. Gerhard Barcus, Chief Marketing Officer, Solico Group

“Sabine Raaphorst has brought us top-notch medical marketing knowledge and practices. She has worked closely with our project team in Tehran, won their confidence, and coached them towards practical and results-oriented solutions. Marketing Matters’ participation has proven decisive for the success of this important project. I recommend Marketing Matters to business leaders and senior marketeers who want first class marketing know-how deployed to achieve business results.”


Saeid Raei, Project Manager, Solico Group

“I would say that working with you was the one of the best professional experiences which I have ever had. I was great and I do believe you are an excellent adviser who I have met in FMCG and food medical marketing. Regarding project managements, campaigns design and developing an excellent medical marketing plan, working with you was a good opportunity.

I strongly recommend you and your company for the organizations, brand and companies which are about to design a campaign in FMCGs, especially in health and medical marketing campaigns. “


Innovation Workshop

Ms. Doris Leitner, Marketing Director, Eckes-Granini Austria

“The methods used in the workshop proved to be highly effective, genuinely prompting us to come up with new ideas. We’ve since been extremely satisfied with the results, in the shape of concrete innovative ideas with high potential for the ‘Yo’ brand.”



Ms. Birgit Puchinger, Managing Partner, Schmid & Diamant

“From the moment she was commissioned to the end of the module, “Marketing Basics: Introduction to the Market, Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans”, our collaboration with Ms. Raaphorst was collegial, constructive and professional throughout. She captivates and fascinates her audience by exhibiting wide-ranging knowledge of her specialist field underpinned by practical experience. In so doing, she succeeds in gaining the unrivalled attention of participants. Ms. Raaphorst is welcome as a specialist speaker at our organisation.”